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TYB Donor vials- Refrigeration medium for human sperm.

TYB Donor vials- Refrigeration medium for human sperm.

Ships from Nevada,Usa to all 48 lower states

Mon-Thursday Only* 24Hr Overnight

TYB does NOT contain any sperm cells** only Buffer to be used by donors or students FOR sperm cell storage* You can not find Donors here ONLY media.


preserve human semen up to 48hrs at 41F Buy your donor fresh TYB and have it delivered right to them the next day. 


3, 5 , AND 6 vial kits are available.


100% satisfaction guaranteed. TYB has been responsible for over 1,000,000 healthy births.


Prices Current* Updated 7/19/2022


Please contact John at for any questions.
3 extra ice packs
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3 extra ice packs + 1 small free


For summer shipping with Vials, can be added on or ordered alone.


 they will ship alone or with any other items ordered with USPS first class 3-5 days to delivery From California